Tanja Eichmann-Haïssaguerre comes from a family of musicians. At the age of seven she got her first piano lesson. One year later she already gave her first solo concert. After numerous first places in “Jugend-Musiziert” contest she was taken into the masterclass of Mrs. Prof. Karin Merle. After graduation from High School at Humboldt Gymnasium in 2002 Tanja Eichmann finished her piano studying with Prof. Pavel Gililov at the Cologne Music and Dance Academy in 2009. In addition to that she made her diploma in music pedagogy in 2011 and her Master of Arts with honours degree in 2013.

As a soloist she recited in such concert halls as „Mozarteum", „Bayer Kulturforum Leverkusen", Heidelberger „Ballsaal" and also performed in the following events: Klavierfestival Ruhr", „Europäisches Klassikfestival", „Sommerclassics 2007". She gives concerts in German-speaking countries.

She got important artistic impulses by participation in master classes of Prof. Hans Leygraf (Salzburg), Prof. Paolo Bidini (Berlin), Igor Shukov (Moscow), Prof. Wolfgang Manz und Julia Goldstein (Nurnberg), Prof. Bernd Glemser (Wurzburg), Prof. Alfredo Perl (Detmold) as well as Prof. Henri Siegfriedson (Berlin).

Moreover, she took part in the „International Piano Symposium" in London. Her report about it was published on the website of the Music Research Society. Tanja was a scholar of „Christel-GuthörleFoundation" and was awarded with a master scholarship in musicology in 2013. Currently she is studying for PhD at the Music, Theatre and Media Academy in Hannover and is supervised by Mrs. Prof. Susanne Rode-Breymann.

Whats more, the pianist, pedagogue and musicologist is engaged in organisation of the project „Rhapsody in School". This national conveying music project was initiated by the pianist Lars Vogt with participation of more than 300 artists famous both at the national and international level and more than 40 cooperation partners, such as orchestras and theatres – all of them aiming at conveying classical music to school children and adolescents. So gives Tanja Eichmann her artistic contribution by performing and reflecting about pieces of classical music making the pupils get involved into the conversation.

Conveying music is a great concern to her. Thus her concert programmes are devoted to certain thematic focus, which the pianist chooses herself in a creative way after a profound research. Thats how for example the Academy program for concert series "La Cité des Dames" was dedicated to the “composers of Romantic”.


We of the North should be far more likely to be influenced by the old English, Scotch, or Irish songs, inherited with our literature from our ancestors. You have to be content with the awareness that you participated in building the temple of art in good faith and sincere wish. Even with the contribution of little stones I was doing my best to fulfill my artistic duties. Small, clear, sharp studies are these, … so prudential in the performance, so clear with one word, that you can't but fall in love with them, even more, since an absolutely quiet romantic spirit is levitating above them.